Family Read Aloud Club

You're probably already reading aloud to your children, why not join the club? After you read six books aloud, you'll get to pick a free paperback book!

Each book must be at least 80 pages and be checked out from the Olathe Public Library. Nonfiction books may be used as long as they lend themselves to being read aloud. Comics, activity books, song books, joke books, and other similar types of books do not qualify.

Only one club membership per family, please. Families may receive up to 3 free books a year (having read a total of 18 books).

Books should be brought to the Children's Department desk for a library staff member to record.  If you have turned the book in at one of our book drops, please have the book's title for us to record.

To participate in the Family Read-Aloud Club, just stop by the Children's Information Desk and we'll get you started!