Park, Picnic & Partial Eclipse

Pack a picnic from home, grab your lawn chairs and join us in viewing the partial solar eclipse!  Participate in eclipse activities, learn a little bit about your future library and see the moon cover 99.47% of the sun at 1:08 pm. The first 100 attendees are guaranteed to receive a free pair of eclipse viewing glasses. Bottled water and frozen treats will be provided.  All ages welcome. 

Monday, August 21 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm  
in the parking lot of the future Indian Creek Library (135th & Brougham)

In case of inclement weather, a live stream of the eclipse will be held at the Indian Creek Library ( 13511 S. Mur-Len Rd.)

No registration necessary. For more information, call 913-971-6874. 


   More Eclipse Resources

A list of web sites with a few features of note:

Solar Eclipse Across America by the American Astronomical Society. Our choice for all the when, where, how and why of the Eclipse of 2017

  • Maps, maps, maps
  • How to safely view the eclipse
  • What to expect during the eclipse
  • Apps
  • Weather
  • How to photograph the eclipse

Great American Eclipse

  • Map of totality in Kansas
  • Eclipse merchandise
  • List of best places to view

NASA's Eclipse Site

  • Interactive maps
  • 2D/3D printable pinhole projectors
  • Solar eclipse history
   A Few Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best spot to view the eclipse?

Visit the many maps on the sites listed above to pick your spot within the path of totality. The more in the center of the path you are, the longer the sun will be completely covered. Can’t get to a place of totality? No worries. Right here in Olathe, we are still in the path to see the moon cover 99.47% of the sun. Fine viewing indeed.

How long will the eclipse last?

The eclipse begins at about 10:15am PDT on the coast of Oregon and ends at about 2:48pm EDT on the coast of South Carolina. It will take the shadow about 90 minutes to cross the United States. But wait! 10:15a to 2:48p is longer than 90 minutes, you say? Yes, the total time is 90 minutes, but the eclipse will cover all four US time zones. Here in Olathe, the eclipse will start at about 11:40a and be at it’s maximum at 1:08p.

Is it safe to view the eclipse?kids viewing the solar eclipse

You should wear paper glasses with special filters that make it safe to look at the sun. Never look at the sun without eye protection. Make sure your glasses say they are ISO 12312-2 certified in print on them. These manufacturers make certified glasses: American Paper Optics, Rainbow Symphony, Thousand Oaks Optical.  Use these guidelines to check if your glasses are safe. 

How else can I view the eclipse?

There are other fun ways to catch the beauty of the eclipse. The web sites above have many ideas including how to make a pinhole projector, how to use your fingers to catch the eclipse and even how to use a colander!

When is the next eclipse?

The next United States eclipse won’t happen until April 8, 2024, and will travel through a different set of states. 

Happy Eclipse Viewing!