New Downloadable eAudiobook Options

Try Acoustik eAudiobooks!

Downloadable eAudiobooks are now available through the Axis 360 Magic Wall. Titles check out for 3 weeks & automatically check-in.

Acoustik (with Axis 360)

Use the Acoustik app to listen to audiobooks on your iOS device, Android device, or Nook HD/HD+. Here's how to get started:

  1. Visit the app store for your device and download the Acoustik app.
  2. Open the Acoustik app on your device, tap Begin Listening, then create your Acoustik account.
  3. Sign in to Axis 360 with your library card and PIN.
  4. Find an eAudiobook title in Axis 360. This collection also includes eBooks, but there's an option to browse only audios if you'd like.
  5. Check out your audiobook using your Acoustik account.
  6. Open your Acoustik app to download the item you checked out. If you'd like to take your audiobook with you away from your internet connection, make sure you choose Listen Later and wait for the entire title to download before you disconnect.
  7. Enjoy listening to your selection!

You can check out up to 6 titles at a time through the Axis 360 service (eBooks and eAudiobooks combined.) Audiobooks will check out for up to 21 days. You can find help with the Acoustik app here.