Cool Sites for December 2017

December 7 - Japanese attack Pearl Harbor (1941)
      Pearl Harbor

December 9 - Mary Downing Hahn's Birthday (1937)
      Mary Downing Hahn

December 12 - Hanukkah Begins
     Hanukkah for Children

December 13 - St. Lucia Day in Sweden

December 16 - Ludwig van Beethoven's Birthday (1770)
     Classics for Kids - Ludwig van Beethoven
     Meet Ludwig van Beethoven

December 17 - Wright Brothers First Flight Anniversary (1903)
     Wright Brothers Aeroplane Company

December 21 - First Day of Winter
      Make a Flake

December 21 - Anniversary of the First Crossword Puzzle (1913)
     Kids Puzzle and Games

December 25 - Christmas
     Christmas Crafts
     Google Santa Tracker
     Norad Tracks Santa
     The Nativity
     Why Christmas?

December 26 - Kwanzaa
       Celebrate Kwanzaa with Kids 
       The Kulture Kidz - Kwanzaa

December 30 - Mercer Mayer's Birthday (1943)
     Mercer Mayer


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