Below is a "special guest" book review by Chris in the Circulation Department.


The Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins is a five book series marketed for children, but don't let that shape your expectations.  The intense and continually expanding plot combined with impressive emotional depth and superb characterizations can easily draw in readers of any age. Eleven-year-old Gregor and his thoroughly likeable family find themselves caught up in the brutal struggles of a secret world miles beneath New York City. A civilized yet militaristic community of humans share the Underland with large and intelligent creatures, including loyal bats, ferocious rats, and surprisingly noble cockroaches. Time and again, Gregor takes part in increasingly deadly missions in hopes of maintaining a fragile peace. But to do so he must go against his own gentle nature by gradually taking on the role of a warrior. While this series boldly and admirably addresses such profound issues as racism, loss, the lasting costs of war, and even genocide, what most impressed me was Gregor himself.  Portrayed in a refreshingly realistic manner, Gregor is simply a great kid.  Thoughtful, considerate, self-sacrificing, and determined, he carries the story squarely on his shoulders.  Especially in the epic final installment, Gregor the Overlander shows how much an exceptional child may be willing to suffer, and to lose, for what he knows is right.

I'm currently halfway through

I'm currently halfway through the fourth book of this series and I've loved the journey so far. I was hesitant to pick up the first one, mostly because I thought it was a book for kids, but once I did, it was hard to put it down. Collins' storytelling is compelling and she shows great maturity in her writing, especially when touching on controversial social issues. The characters are fully realized and genuine, not cliche or cookie cutter like most stories you'll find in the Children's section. I highly recommend this unique adventure saga to anyone ages eight to eighty. You won't regret it.

I finished all five books,

I finished all five books, and of course i want to know more. I really loves the series but i did not really like the end of the last book. I think there should be a sixth book about how maybe Gregor moves and the Underlanders find him and need his help again. And maybe, I don't know Gregor and Luxa become boufriend and girlfriend and Gregor lives with Luxa in the Underlanf for the rst of his life. but i dont know i really want all of that to happen or even something better. please ihope she writes another one