newberymedalsm.jpgEvery January the Newbery Medal is awarded to the author of the most distinguished children's book of the year.  It is sort of like the Oscar award of children's literature.  It has become a kind of tradition for people across the country to gather and hold "mock" Newbery discussions before the winner is announced.  They discuss some of their favorite books of the year and try to guess which one might be the year's award winner. Earlier this week I attended one of these mock Newbery gatherings with a group of librarians to discuss which book we would like to see win this prestigous award in 2009.  We discussed about a dozen different titles and ended up with one winner and two honor books.  Here are the results:
The winner:  Keeping Score by Linda Sue Park The honors (runners-up):  The Underneath by Kathi Appelt                                        Waiting for Normal by Leslie Connor 
Do you have a favorite book you hope will win this year's Newbery medal?  The actual winner will be announced on Monday, January 26.  Stay tuned to find out which outstanding book is this year's winner.