carlotta.jpgHi – My name is Ms Carlotta (really it’s Carlotta Belcher but I have been known at story times and schools as Ms Carlotta for so long that I’m used to that name!!). I’ve worked in the Children’s Department of the Olathe Library for over 27 years…yes, I know that’s a really long time but I just love being around children and books so here I still am!! When I’m not working at the library, I read lots of books, play bridge, bunco, tennis and check up on our nine grandchildren and one great grandchild!! Most of our grandchildren are all “grown up” but there are still two younger grandsons that I bring to the library all of the time to get lots and lots of books. My favorite books are fairy tales, tall tales, and especially folk tales (these books are all found in the J300’s at the library). I also love riddles and when I’m at schools reading stories, I always tell a few riddles also. Children love riddles! I always encourage school children to drop by the Children’s Department and say hi. So adults and children both, please stop by and wave, smile and say hi!!