cookbook.gifWe're moving on to the 600s section this month. Last month I mentioned that books about pets aren't in the 500s. Did you figure out why that is? Wild animals are in the 500s, which is where you find science books. The 600s, however, are about how people use science, so this is where you will find farm animals and pets. Here's what you will find in the 600s. 600 - People Using Science and Technologydog.gif 610 - Human Body 620 - Transportation (trucks, cars, etc.) 630 - Farming, Gardening, Pets 640 - Cook Books, Sewing 650 - Secret Codes 660 - How Food is Made 670 - Paper Making 680 - Woodworking 690 - Building If you like to learn about how things work, this is the section for you. You can also find books about training your dog, taking care of your pet snake, cooking your favorite dessert or making a Halloween costume! What's your favorite book in the 600s? Other Posts: 000s 100s 200s 300s 400s 500s 600s 700s 800s 900s