3david2We had more than 100 entries in our art contest this year, and after much discussion, our judges have chosen the winners! Winning entries will be on display at the main library August 1-14 and at Indian Creek August 17-31, and may be picked up in September. All other entries may be picked up at any time. Our winners are: First Grade 1st place - Savindu Buluwana 2nd place - Sarah Lee 3rd place - Jenna Lindsey6ahnav Second Grade 1st place - Valerie Bolton 2nd place - Brianna Thompson 3rd place - Jennifer Chasteen Third Grade 1st Place - Christine David 2nd place - David Qi 3rd grade - Vladimir Honc Fourth Grade 1st place - Christopher Tian 2nd place - Maria Caputo 3rd place - Joe Robson Fifth Grade3vladimir21 1st place - Katherine McCormack 2nd place - Christian Lee 3rd place - Alexandria Tomski Sixth Grade 1st place - Ahna Valdez 2nd place - Brice Boehmer 3rd place - Rachel Li Click here to see all the fabulous drawings that were entered in our contest.