We had over 100 entries in our drawing contest this summer! It must have been hard to decide, but our judges have deliberated, and the winners have been chosen!

First Grade
1st Place - Bella Serrano
2nd Place - Taryn Alexander
3rd Place - Sam Rinke

Second Grade
1st Place - Ella Johnson
2nd Place - Maria Caputo
3rd Place - Quinn Siuda

Third Grade
1st Place - Drake Minter
2nd Place - Natalie Casquino-Wolff
3rd Place - Kelly Brinckman

Fourth Grade
1st Place - Rachel Li
2nd Place - Mairen Morrow
3rd Place - Kalyn Denton

Fifth Grade
1st Place - Katelynn Chambers
2nd Place - Callie VanWinkle
3rd Place - Rebekah Hernandez

Sixth Grade
1st Place - Rachael Quast
2nd Place - Hanna Melton
3rd Place - Jordan Ewy

Thank you all for participating, and congratulations to our winners! If you would like to view all of the entries, just click here.