New Magazines!

iguana.bmpThe library has two cool new magazines for you to read. If you speak Spanish or are learning Spanish, then take a look at Iguana. In it, you'll stories, articles, crafts, poetry, and even recipes. discovery-girls.jpg If you're a fan of American Girl, try Discovery Girls for girls ages 8 and up. Read about girls like you, check out the advice column, enter a writing contest, learn to decorate fabulous hair barrettes, and more.

Need to Memorize the States and their Capitals?

411pmnebnql_sl160_aa115_1.jpgIf you're trying to memorize the 50 states and their capitals, here are a couple of tips. You can check out the music CD, Songs of America, which has the ABC states song on it. The song is to the tune of "Turkey in the Straw." The CD also has an instrumental version of "Turkey in the Straw," so you can practice the song!  

Get To Know Your Library Staff - Kate

grown-kate002.jpgHello, hello, hello, hello! I’m Kate, and I work at the Indian Creek Branch. I’ve been a librarian for just 8 years, but I’ve been a book lover my whole life. My dad read to my brother and me just about every night. When I was 6, I was given a book of poetry, and I’ve loved poetry ever sinceyoung-kate001.jpg. That’s me at 6 in the photo on the right. One of my favorite books is “The Wolves of Willoughby Chase” by Joan Aiken. Our school librarian read it to us, and we eagerly awaited the “next episode” because the story was a little like Lemony Snicket’s books.

I enjoy traveling and have lived in Lebanon and Ethiopia. Now the library enables me to travel the world without every leaving home. I can learn about different countries—their myths and folktales, special holidays they celebrate, their history, religion, and customs. I enjoy reading chapter books that are set in other countries and times as well. There are also wonderful DVDs to take me to other countries.

When I’m not at the library, I’m rather like you. I like to play outside (well, work in my yard), listen to music, read books and magazines, watch movies, play computer games, and visit with my family and friends. When I was a kid, I spent the summer swimming and riding my bicycle. My friends and I would pretend we were secret agents, solving mysteries. Being a librarian allows me to be a detective every day, helping you find books you’ll like and locating information for your homework projects.

I still love reading all sorts of books, as well as listening to books on CD. I just index2.giflistened to “Princess hugo-cabret.jpgAcademy” by Shannon Hale, and I think Megan McDonald’s Stink books are hilarious! Some other new favorites are “Emma Jean Lazarus Fell Out of a Tree” and “The Invention of Hugo Cabret.”

Here are a couple of secrets: when I was 8, we had an English bulldog named Mack the Knife who looked just like Fido, the dog you can find on Fridays in the library during the summer. I was also in Girl Scouts from Brownies through Cadets, and I learned to play the piano. Perhaps you’ll share a secret with me the next time you come to the library. Hey, that rhymes! Could it be poetry?


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